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Introducing the Recurve Bracelet

This week we are excited to unveil our latest bracelet: the Recurve!

The Recurve was developed with several key design objectives in mind:

►Flexibility: In our mind, rigid metal bangle bracelets are just lame. They are difficult to put on, they are awful to adjust, they are limited in their sizing... we have the technology, let's use smarter design! We created the flex riser to address these issues. Not only is it flexible, allowing easy function, it can be swapped out, so each bracelet can be sized as needed. Which brings us to our second objective.

►Modular Design: Since the riser can be easily swapped out for different sizes, conversely the limbs can be swapped out for different limbs if desired. If you want an upgrade, instead of buying a whole new bracelet, just get the parts you want. Same if something somehow breaks (like seriously, you would have to really want to break it)! We will be rolling out several limb options and other modular parts in the future, so stay tuned.

►How it's Made: To make the above happen within budget, we're turning to 3D printing to make the parts. Tooling to injection mold the riser would be cost prohibitive for our low volumes, and we have the flexibility to make changes as we go along. The limbs are printed with a stainless steel bronze alloy, and using 3D printing will allow us to create some exotic or more custom modular components than traditional machining.

This is an extremely comfortable bracelet/bangle, that we are really excited to unveil (and we're really excited to wear ourselves) and we hope you will enjoy wearing and customizing it with us!


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