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BRACE Design is a small (mostly) one man design studio run by me, Jeremy. I love to take ideas, design them out, and make them in real life. Sometimes that can be a very hard process, but I love it every step of the way, and I love taking inspiration from the world around me and running with it. I run BRACE Design out of my little shop and create small batches of over-engineered unique products, watches, every day gear, and accessories. Along the way I have also partnered with several other companies to bring you a carefully vetted selection of goods and apparels.

I formally created BRACE Design in 2017 as an outlet for my overactive imagination and to create some fun things, and to allow myself an opportunity to over-engineer at will. And more importantly this is an opportunity to share some cool stuff with you!


Mechanical engineer by trade, artist and tinkerer at heart. I've been making and designing for as long as I can remember. I also have over a decade of experience working in heavy duty mining equipment design and consumer industries, as well as a small stint as a freelance graphic designer. I always have a pile of "upcoming" projects that I work on, or can be found skiing, hiking, and gaming.

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