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We Support You!

A design subscription for building your business

How it works

A process designed to be easy

Subscribe & start submitting design requests.

Receive your design within a few business days.

We'll revise the design until you're 100% satisfied.

No more inconsistent freelancers or expensive agencies.

Managed with Trello
Update and manage your design board with Trello. View current, past, and future projects with ease.

Cohesive structure
All design work, notes, and communication is done and recorded on your board for easy access.

Link your team
Invite as many people as you want to submit requests and track progress.

The average salary of a full-time senior designer is over $100,000, plus benefits.

Or you can have one for a flat monthly fee!

Membership benefits

Design list

Add as many design requests to your list as you'd like

Own your design

Each design we do for you is 100% yours and unique to you.

Fast Delivery

Get your designs one at a time in just a few days on average


Pause or cancel anytime as needed.

Fixed monthly rate

Pay the same fixed rate each month, no surprises.

Top quality

Great design quality for your use whenever you need it.

What we can do for you

►Ideation sketches


►Product sketches

►Concept art

►3D modeling

►CAD design

►Product concepts

►Design consulting


►Technical drawings

►Product rendering


►Package design

►Logos & branding

►Brand guides


►Product consulting


Let's get designing

What's included:

►Unlimited design requests
►Unlimited users

►Unlimited ideas

►Pause or cancel anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I just hire a full time designer?
►The average salary of a senior-level designer is $100,000, plus benefits. Compare that to our flat monthly rate, you're getting a great deal!
►Maybe you d
on't have enough work to keep a full time staff member busy? With our plan, we work only when you need us.

What tools do you use?
We primarily use Fusion360, GIMP, Blender3D, and pen and paper.

Who will be working on my designs?
►BRACE Design is almost entirely run and handled by me - Jeremy Skoog. I will be working closely with you the majority of the time, which means you will have easy access to over a decade of mechanical engineering, design, and manufacturing experience.

What if I don't like the design?
No problem, we'll work on it until you are satisfied!

What if I only have one design request?
Just let us know and we can pause your subscription so you don't waste the extra time you've paid for, and come back later when you need more done.

Are there any refunds?
►Due to the nature of this line of work, there are no refunds available.

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