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All Things Come to an End

A watch with a broken crystal
Water pressure testing issues

As some of you may know, I have been hard at working designing, redesigning, and testing the ACR-200 watch. As far as I can see now, this watch will be the future of the company. It is better designed, better thought out, sleeker, lighter, and all around awesome. Taking lessons from the ACR-100, getting better tooling, and other experiments have allowed me to push the precision, performance, and excellence that I desire in a wristwatch.

However, redesigns are not without their difficulties. Water resistance has been an incredibly tough hurdle with this watch, as it is redesigned with a new crown and custom gaskets. This has plagued development and it alone has set me back months as I bang my head against this problem. I have viable solutions to most of my issues, but this brings me to my next hurdle: Time to implement anything.

Lately it has been tough balancing my day job with BRACE and any semblance of a life as recent vacancies and extreme over-scheduling have created a grueling travel schedule, with me out and therefore away from the workshop 75% of the time (I'm literally in a hotel room writing this, and I've only been home 1 week in the last month). Because of this, I'm struggling to keep up with custom watch orders. If I could focus on BRACE 100% of my time, I would be ecstatic, however it is not feasible at this moment. So, we trudge on.

Hopefully this storm will pass, and I can finally go full steam with the ACR-200 and start getting it on people's wrists. Eventually I will figure out the water resistance issues. Eventually the work schedule will lighten up. Like my fortune cookie from dinner told me hours ago:

"All things come to an end."

Now, I'm too optimistic for this to be a bleak message. (And I don't put too much weight on fortune cookies). Instead of taking this as some foreboding warning, I take it with a bit of hope - my current struggles will come to an end.

And there will be more! If watchmaking was easy, everyone would be doing it. But that's what makes the end result that much more satisfying. Stick around folks... I feel like there's a lot of cool things just over the horizon.


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