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Four Seasons Collection

Hi everyone, I'm really excited to officially launch the Four Seasons Collection by BRACE Design!

I draw a lot of inspiration from nature, particularly mountains and high altitude biomes, and a lot of the products at BRACE are a direct (and obvious) result of said influence. So this collection is no different, designed to celebrate the vast and beautiful natural world that we live in.

Building off of the existing topographic motif, this collection features colors to represent the four seasons, combined with silhouettes that capture small, stylized vignettes of the world.

This isn't just an effort to make some cool shirts though. I was able to secure access to a line of clothing made from 100% recycled materials through District Clothing. These T Shirts are made from cotton that’s recycled from manufacturing scraps and upcycled polyester (rPET), saving reusable textiles and plastic bottles from ending up in landfills. They also use a minimal amount of chemicals and water, and never re-dye, lowering carbon emissions and environmental pollution. By using products like this, we incentivize our suppliers to prioritize recycled and eco-friendly products by showing them that they have value to us, that we care about the how things are made just as much as the end result.

In a world with so much technology at our disposal, and the fate of the world resting on how we use it, we can definitely take the time and energy to make sure that we do things the right and sustainable way. It's not the path of least resistance, but it's a better path to take.

I plan on continuing to grow this collection with new designs over time, ensuring that there are plenty of options that fit you and your unique style. But I didn't want to wait launching these any longer, I am just so stoked to have them available!

Cheers friends.



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