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Debunking Watch Myths: Fact vs. Fiction

In the world of watches, there are countless myths and misconceptions that get passed around like well-worn timepieces. At BRACE Design, we're passionate about creating exceptional watches and fostering a knowledgeable watch community. So, today we're debunking some of the most common watch myths:

Myth #1: Swiss Movements Are Always Superior

Fact:  While Swiss movements have a long-standing reputation for excellence, there are fantastic watch movements produced worldwide. Japanese movements, for example, are renowned for their exceptional reliability and durability, with equal timekeeping accuracy of Swiss models. Many BRACE Design watches utilize high-quality Miyota movements, known as "workhorses" in the watchmaking industry for their consistent performance and longevity. Ultimately, the quality of a movement depends on the manufacturer, not just the country of origin.

Myth #2: Automatic Watches Need Constant Winding

Fact:  Automatic watches are powered by your own movement. As you wear the watch, the rotor inside the movement winds the mainspring, storing energy. However, if you're not wearing the watch regularly, it might stop. The beauty of automatics is that a few quick crowns turns can get them ticking again. Many automatics also have power reserve features, indicating how long the watch will run after it's been removed from your wrist.

Myth #3: You Can't Wear Your Watch in the Shower

Fact:  Water resistance varies greatly between watches. A dress watch with 30 meters of water resistance might only handle splashes, while a diver's watch can withstand significant depths. Always check your watch's specific water resistance rating before exposing it to water. A good rule of thumb: if you're unsure, avoid submerging it.

Myth #4: Scratch-Resistant Materials Mean Your Watch Is Invincible

Fact:  Even the most scratch-resistant materials like sapphire crystal or ceramic can be damaged under extreme conditions. Avoid hitting your watch against hard surfaces, and be mindful of activities that could cause scratches. Regular cleaning with a microfiber cloth keeps your watch looking its best.

Myth #5: Vintage Watches Are Always Better

Fact:  Vintage watches have an undeniable charm and historical significance. However, they can require more maintenance and might not offer the same level of accuracy or functionality as modern timepieces. Vintage watches are a great choice for collectors and enthusiasts, but for everyday wear, a modern BRACE Design watch might be a more practical option.

Stay Informed with BRACE Design:

We hope this blog post has helped clear up some common watch myths! At BRACE Design, we believe in transparency and education. By providing accurate information, we empower you to make informed decisions about your next timepiece. Stay tuned for more watch-related insights and exciting news from BRACE Design!


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