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Em-BRACE Design

At BRACE our goal is to use thoughtful and fun design in everything we do. From concepts to manufacturing to consumer experience to disposal, we try our best to look at the entire picture and provide the best experience at every step. This is not cheapest way to do business, but it's worth it.


Form = Function. We love beautiful, well designed things that expertly perform their function. Anybody can make run-of-the-mill items. We strive to create high quality products that will last. We also endeavor to design for every stage of a product's lifecycle.

Ethically Sourced

What we can’t make in house we try to source from other USA based manufacturers first, then North American ones, all of which must meet high ethical and social standards. If we still really want it and can’t get it; only then will we source overseas.


By using smart manufacturing techniques  along with low volume, on-demand production we are able to minimize waste. We don't mass produce items, as we feel that can stifle innovation.


We try our best to reduce excess waste from manufacturing and avoid harmful chemicals, as well as using recycled/compostable packaging materials. Nature is one of our biggest sources of inspiration, so it's our duty to protect it.

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